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KCC Lot 1 Placements

For adults with neuro-diversity or learning disabilities

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KCC Lot 1 Placements

KCC funded placements -‘Delivery of Everyday Life Activities, Skills Development and Training Opportunities for People in the Community’

From 1st April 23 Lily’s now have the following offers under the above KCC contract. These programmes are for adults with neuro-diversity or learning disabilities who meet the criteria for funding (more information below), there is no requirement for an EHCP and there is no upper age limit. Trainees through the programmes below still work through AQA accredited programmes through the Unit Award Scheme.


There will be no time limit on these programmes and outcomes will be reviewed every 6-8 weeks. There are 3 opportunities available in this lot.

1. Training on Site

Trainees will work in one of our sites learning employability skills, life/cooking skills and social skills. This will be suitable for people who wish to have a paid job or volunteering opportunity or go to college but are not quite ‘work ready’. They will work in one of our sites and develop their practical, emotional and social skills. People can move from this programme to our Lot 2 programme. Hours can be negotiated although there is a minimum of 4 hours for each session. Individuals can move from this programme to Lot 2 or a supported internship programme as they progress and become more ready for employment/volunteering in a mainstream setting.

2. ‘Make Lunch’ Programme

We are piloting a ‘make lunch’ programme which will be delivered in our Ashford kitchen on a Wednesday morning. A small group of people will spend the morning making a vegetarian lunch for themselves and the team and enjoy eating this together. This project will be great for people who will be interested in learning to cook simple meals independently and will be based on our Fareshare allocations. This will run from 10am – 2pm.

3. Local Social Group

We will also be launching a new social group in Canterbury and Ashford – this will be a small group of people to meet up each week and enjoy social activities. This may include pub trips, cinema, meal out, going for a walk, bowling, meeting at one of our cafes for coffee and so forth. This is using the same ethos as our employment projects, that people can only learn social skills by being exposed to social situations. We would like to run one evening and one daytime session for this and will be for around 3-4 hours.

The hourly rate for Lot 1 is £12.

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